What the Tarot Cards are telling us for September

Reading courtesy of Hilary Thurston

Three reversals invite us to slow down and go inward this September. Mercury goes retrograde on September 9, encouraging observation, assessment and review before action is taken. This is an optimal time to get your ducks in a row, try, fail and try again before finding the right fit. 

The Six of Wands reversed asks you to get off of your high horse, and re-evaluate your action steps forward. You may feel like your confidence is threatened as you fumble to find your footing, your voice or your motivation this month. The wands in reverse can point to challenges with self-determination, personal identity and spiritual alignment. Remember, your desires are divine instructions – but, heed the warning of this reversal and resist the urge to act impulsively. 

The Hierophant reversed suggests that you may be losing faith in a system, institution, teacher or mentor, and this can cause a feeling of instability and insecurity as questions about what is true and what is right provoke uncertainties in your life. This can be an excellent card for challenging out-dated and oppressive structures, and for championing progress or innovation. It will be important to strengthen your ability to tolerate uncertainty (and maybe a bit of anxiety) as a new truth emerges. Practice mindfulness meditation, and pause to regulate your emotions before responding. 

Eight of Wands reversed tells us that communication will be delayed this month, as is typical when Mercury retrogrades. Trust the divine timing of your life, and use moments of delay and frustration to practice surrender. Everything that needs to get done will get done. Try rolling with the surprises, technology glitches, and miscommunications. It can be helpful to adopt the conviction that these kinds of hiccups arise to facilitate new ideas, approaches, partnerships and directions you can’t always anticipate, but that ultimately serve your highest good.

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Hilary Thurston, MA, RSSW and Tarot Counsellor, is the founder of The Tarotologist.  You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook