Six Reasons To Book A City Running Tour

Credit: Thinkstock – Halfpoint

Here are our top six reasons why you should book a city running tour as a way to explore your next travel destination:

  1. To get a better “feel” for a city.
  2. Easier to customize than bus tours or large group walking tours
  3. Stop whenever you want
  4. “Travel” at your own speed and spend time on sights that interest you more than others
  5. Accomplish two things at once: see the sights plus get a workout in the fresh air
  6. The convenience of combining a sightseeing tour with a regular workout is attractive for many ambitious runners who are on vacation or travelling on business.

Who Books a Running Tour?

• Competitive runners training for a marathon and who need to get a run in
• New and recreational runners
• Teenagers to retirees, solos, couples and families
• Women because of the safety issues when visiting a new city
• Small corporate groups who want a fitness-based activity
• Those who get their exercise from fast walking
• Business/convention people in town for meetings or conferences