Allegretto Vineyard Resort Creates First Sonic Labyrinth

Sonic Labyrinth Sound Circle
Photo courtesy of Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Surrounded by 20 acres of vines and Olive trees on California’s Central Coast, Allegretto Vineyard Resort has created what they are calling the “World’s First Sonic Labyrinth.”

Via a news release, the 171-room luxury resort in the Paso Robles wine region of California announced that the creation of Sonic Labyrinth Sound Circle” designed to provide guests a tranquil space with a distinctive series of sounds created by wind instruments. It deepens the resort’s wellness offerings

According to proprietor Doug Ayres, the Sonic Labyrinth utilizes music and space as a way to compel guests to slow their pace and become more mindful. As a symbol of life’s journey, a labyrinth is an archetypal pattern that leads one along a single, meandering path to a center point – the center being a metaphor as well as a physical spot. Labyrinths provide an opportunity to free the mind at one’s own pace, by incorporating sound into the experience.

Activated by motion sensors, the Sound Circle creates a series of soft, soothing tones that evolve as one walks through the labyrinth, cultivating a sense of relaxation and focus, while an intentional central null space creates an added sense of grounding.

Guests will hear the unique sounds of vessel flutes known as The Innate; these original handcrafted wind instruments made from European clay, have three chambers that impart an unusual harmony. “The idea is not to have a musical melody exactly, but to have different notes of harmonic sound to help evoke various emotions, ultimately creating a calming state of mind through this transformative experience,” said Ayres.

The award-winning hotel also offers a European-inspired spa, Chära wellness program, individually selected and purposefully positioned art collection by Ayres throughout the resort, peaceful garden walkways and French-inspired Abbey. The custom-designed Sound Circle exemplifies another way Allegretto seeks to foster a serene, contemplative environment for its guests.

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Travel to Wellness editor Anne Dimon visited a few years ago for this story on Allegretto Vineyard Resort