Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Travelers

Is traveling the world on your bucket list? There are so many places to explore on our beautiful planet, and if you have the opportunity to travel, you should take it! However, if you are planning on traveling long-term – or going on a backpacking trip – you might be concerned about the potential lack of exercise equipment that you’ll be able to access.

This is a worry experienced by lots of fitness fanatics around the globe. The truth is, on the road, it is much more challenging to exercise. Sure, you’ll probably be walking around a lot as you explore new places – but if you want to do targeted workouts on different muscle groups, you’re going to want to take some portable exercise equipment.

Carrying weights is a no-no. And, while accessible in nice hotels and some cities, gyms aren’t generally possible for the casual traveler to frequent. If you want to exercise when traveling, you’ll need to create the best portable workout kit.

So what does this include? Let’s have a look!

Hip Bands

Resistance bands are perhaps the ultimate portable exercise equipment. These bands weigh next to nothing, and they take up barely any space – you could put them in your pocket if your bag is that small! Therefore, they are entirely portable and perfect for travel.

So, what can you do with these bands? you may be wondering. Actually, a lot! You can do some quite intense strength training with resistance bands, including bicep curls, tricep exercises, and banded squats. Working out with resistance bands adds more tension (and subsequently, more results) than body weight, and the results can replicate that of dumbells or barbells. It’s the full-body workout that you thought you could only get with heavyweights!

Pull Up Assist Band

Portable exercise equipment

These are marketed as bands to attach to pull up bars, but in fact, pull up assist bands are so much more. You can attach these bands to standing racks or other furniture and use them for arm exercises.

For instance, you could try standing on the middle of the band, bending over and isolating your arms from your body, pulling up the edges in an upright row. Or you could do shoulder presses by standing in the center of the band and pushing it up with your hands! The possibilities are endless – you can certainly work out all of your main muscle groups with this band.

Jump Rope

Calling all cardio fans! Jumping rope is a nostalgic exercise that has some amazing health benefits. What’s more, it’s highly transportable!

A jump rope will have you raising your heart rate and working out your legs – it’s a great exercise that also helps with your agility, coordination, and bone strength. Try to do 100 jumps – it’s harder than it looks!

Collapsible Hula Hoop

Hula hooping is an excellent core workout that will leave your abs burning! It’s also a fun hobby to take up – there are so many moves you can try with hula hooping, other than the standard hooping around your waist. There are a range of instructional videos on YouTube, and you’ll get a great sense of satisfaction every time you learn a new move.

Most hula hoops are bulky and wide, so it’s best to go for a collapsible hula hoop when traveling. You can break this up into a few parts and pop it into your backpack; then you’re good to go! It’s incredibly light as well.

Lightweight Yoga Mat

If you love yoga or core exercises, you might find a lightweight yoga mat to be valuable workout equipment to take with you when traveling. With a mat, not only can you do yoga in your hotel room, but you can do various other ab exercises – like crunches or planks – on hard floors as well.

Be sure to make sure that your mat is lightweight and small, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag. A benefit of taking a lightweight yoga mat is that if you go camping, you’ll also be able to use it to sleep on!

Swimming Goggles and a Cap

If you are planning on traveling somewhere tropical, swimming might be on the cards. When done correctly, swimming is a great exercise.

It’s cardiovascular without strain on a particular part of the body, it builds muscle, and it helps to keep organs healthy. You’ll no doubt pack a bathing suit to go traveling – but if you remember your goggles and a cap too, you might be inclined to do a little bit more swimming than just chilling out at the pool!

Portable exercise equipment takeaway

These items will occupy very little room in your suitcase or backpack, and they can ensure that you have the items on hand for a quick workout – in a hotel room, a local park – or wherever, and whenever you have time.

So don’t forget to pack them!   Here’s a collection of other travel tips and advice for the road.