Blue World Voyages launches Active Lifestyle Cruising

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Photo courtesy of Blue World Voyages

When Blue World Voyages sets sail in 2019, it will become the first cruise line 100% dedicated to active, healthy lifestyles – from the ship design to onboard programs, dining options, and even the itineraries and shore excursions.

With the cruise line’s inaugural ship – an all-suite design 350-passenger luxury vessel with standard suites, single staterooms and 26 one and two bedroom owners’ residences – Blue World is introducing a shipload of firsts:

The first full sports deck at sea

Whatever your sport, chances are, you’ll be able to play or practice it while cruising with Blue World Voyages. One entire deck (not just a portion) is designated as the Sports Deck. This bow to stern space is outfitted with hi-def golf and soccer simulators; batting cages; a functional training center; yoga, spinning and TRX studios—and much more.

The first full spa deck at sea 

Amenities include a relaxing therapy tub, spa pool, indoor and outdoor treatment rooms and solarium. For an extraordinary experience, twelve  private Bali beds provide the option to sleep under the stars and wake up to a butler-served breakfast.

The first sea water “lap pool.”

Seen only on a few private luxury yachts, this floating platform is ideal for open water swim training. For those who prefer kayaking, the platform has docking ports for watercraft. Bonus: space for lounging and watching the ocean glide by.

The first cruise company to offer a unique residential/passenger hybrid ship approach.

In addition to the double and single guest staterooms, 26 suites are reserved for purchase as Owner Residences. As interest in cruise-travel surges, sophisticated travelers are looking to own a home at sea as well as on land. By offering Owner Suites, Blue World Voyages provides an option for active, athletic and health-focused travelers to own (and relax in) their own space at sea while traveling the world with other like-minded individuals. This is an extension of the Blue World Voyages “Passengers as Partners” concept.

Blue World will also become one of the first companies to down-size a cruise ship.
By reducing the passenger capacity of a larger vessel, Blue World can offer staterooms that are twice the conventional size with beautiful large bathrooms, and walk-in closets designed for all kinds of active gear and equipment. The result: Luxury cabins for all passengers and much more activity space.

Active Lifestyle Cruising extends to life ashore. Blue World Voyages is selecting itineraries and ports of call based on local availability for activities such as cycling, hiking, running, golf and watersports such as snorkeling, kayaking, and kite-surfing; as well as locations ideal for activities such as yoga and meditation. “We are creating a cruise line that responds to the preferences of active, athletic-minded individuals. or for those looking to move in that direction,” said John B. Richards, Blue World Co-Founder and CEO, and former president of Starbucks.

Three ships are planned for Blue World Voyages first five years at sea. All of which will be designed to access smaller ports – places the large ships can’t go. For the inaugural season, Blue World Voyages is considering various routes throughout Europe and the Mediterranean and possibly Miami-Cuba, and Costa Rica.

“One of the most unique features of Blue World is our Founders Club,” explains Gene Meehan, Blue World Founder. “Here we have established a group of investor/early adopters to help bring this vision to life; from cabin lay-out, to itinerary planning, menu and equipment choices, to guest lecturers, we ask for input from our Founders Club members both before and after their cruise in designing the perfect vacation experience.”

Meehan, an experienced health and fitness entrepreneur, has assembled an A-Team of cruise, spa, marketing, and hotel professionals with a goal to expand to three ships within five years. “However, along the way, we can never lose sight of our mission: to operate an environmentally friendly ‘green ship” where we care as much about our passenger’s good health as we do about our crew.”

There are currently 42 million ‘conscious consumers’ in the US alone.  These are people who eat well, exercise, and are actively interested in staying healthy, learning new things, and traveling the world. “This is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s growing quickly all around the world. Currently, there are no ships in the global cruise fleet that cater exclusively to this market,” adds Meehan. “Blue World has the opportunity to be the first and we will scale up to lead this new niche market.”

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