Five Tips for Safe and Sensible Travel


five tips for safe travel
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Safety and wellness has always been our top priority in life. Of course, it’s easy to do this in your own home as you have full control over what you do and what you’re exposed to – but as soon as you venture out of your front door and into the wide world outside, you give up that control. Because of this, it’s difficult to maintain your safety and your wellness while you’re travelling. You sometimes have to put your sensibility in the hands of another, and you try your hardest to regain control. Luckily, it’s not as hard as it may seem, and you can stay safe and sensible whilst travelling with these five tips.

Travel as light as possible

No matter whether you’re backpacking through Asia or jetting off for a one-week vacation, it’s always best to travel as light as possible when you go somewhere new. After all, the more you have, the easier it is to lose things. The last thing you want during your vacation is to lose your belongings in the airport, have them stolen in your hostel, or just generally struggle to take your suitcase around with you. This is why we would always suggest a simple backpack with the essentials packed inside of it.

Learn the language

Learning the language in a new country will not only make you feel safer, but you will also get the chance to integrate yourself within a new culture, and experience what life is like for those who live in that country; from the healthy food you can enjoy to the attractions away from the tourist trail. Of course, knowing the basics will always help you out in a sticky situation. If you ever find yourself lost in unknown territory, knowing how to ask for directions or help to read a map will be your saving grace. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to learn new languages. You could use an app, or you could swot up on this language a few months before you depart.

Keep your important documents close

Although most people travel without any cares in the world and get from A to B without any problems, you always need to be prepared for that chance. If you want to stay safe and sensible while travelling, it’s important that you keep all of your important documents close to you. This means your passport, your money, your wallet, your driving license and insurance documents. If you’re not comfortable with carrying these items on your person at all times, lock them away and take a photocopy of these documents with you. You always need a backup!

Remember to take out travel insurance

This is one of the most important ways to stay safe and sensible whilst travelling. No matter whether you’re going away for two days or two months, travel insurance is a must. While we all hope that we will never fall ill during a travel experience, there is no guarantee that you will always be safe – especially if you are travelling with a medical condition. You have to make sure that you always disclose the fact that you have a medical condition, and have any eventuality covered. You don’t want to be caught out.

Trust your instincts

Sometimes we need a little help and guidance to stay safe and sensible, but there are often times when our instinct kicks in for us. If you ever feel uneasy or anxious during your travelling experience, it’s best to step back, take a good look at your surroundings, and dissect the situation around you. Is there something not quite right about where you’re going? Are you second-guessing yourself about the taxi driver in front of you? If you’re feeling uneasy about any situation you’re in, your instinct may be telling you to avoid it completely.

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