5 Good Reads For Foodies Who Love The Road

Here’s a selection of books about food, travel and eating healthy. All good reads for foodies who love the road.

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Food & Drink in Argentina: A Guide for Tourists and Residents

Written by avid travelers, Dereck Foster and Richard Tripp, Food & Drink in Argentina provides an A to Z guide on the rich history of food and wine in the different regions of the country.

Travellers staying at accommodations with cooking facilities will find a list of supermarkets, produce, butchers and bakeries available in the country. For restaurant goers, there’s a section on how traditional meals are prepared, and a list of local terms they might see on a menu. The authors also recommend places where visitors can catch a bite to eat and a tango show.

An easy to follow guide that can fit into an average-sized travel bag or purse, this is a good reference for travelers who want to eat well in Argentina. NM

Publisher: Aromas y Sabores

Cork Screwed: Adventures in the New French Wine Country

Author Robert Camuso’s love for wine predates his move to France, but his discovery of the country’s wine diversity and quality comes to life as he travels across the country.

Through vivid accounts of visits with winemakers and vineyards in different regions, Camuto uses story-telling to weave in facts on the wine industry. By traveling and tasting the wines himself, and even working as a wine grape picker in Alsace, he is able to understand terroir – how soil, climate, winds and soil affect wines.

One chapter, titled Poop and People in the New French Wine Country, captures Camuto’s ability to incorporate facts about the terroirs of France, while also light-heartedly discussing the nutrient-rich manure from “animals with all the diversity of Noah’s Ark.” Although rich with knowledge on wine history, the current industry and the people it affects, Cork Screwed provides much enjoyment without getting boggled by the language. The occasional use of French words adds a nice flare, as do the images of some of the wine professionals Camuso meets during his travels. NM

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press

Commander’s Wild Side: Bold Flavors for Fresh Ingredients from the Great Outdoors

Inspired by the chefs and sous-chefs from Commander’s Palace, one of the most renowned dining establishments in New Orleans, Commander’s Wild Side offers more than recipes; it also offers tips for hunting and fishing. Co-authored by Tory McPhail, co-owner and executive chef of Commander’s Palace, and Ti Adelaide Martin, the book is divided into chapters – sea, stream, air and land.

Each chapter includes unique dishes for a variety of exotic fish, game and non-game options. Some of the eye-catching recipes include Grilled Wild Boar Chops with Southern Comfort-Apricot Glaze, Chicken Fryin’ Mountain Lion and Seared Shark with Crushed Parsley Sauce. To top it off, The Sweet Finish section includes decadent desserts with a southern touch.

Readers in need of some inspiration or to whet the appetite before a trip to the Big Easy, can turn to the colourful images of finished creations. NM

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Go Slow England: Special Local Places to Eat, Stay & Savor

Like most travel guides, Go Slow England offers information on cities and destinations throughout England. But it also goes beyond that, by specifically looking at the locations that provide locally grown foods to guests.

Authors Alastair Sawday and Gail McKenzie talk to the owners of farms, inns, pubs and cottages share their philosophies on slow food and why they feel the concept is important for their businesses.

In his introduction, author Alastair Sawday describes Slow Cities as “thoughtful places which value peace and quiet, local production, pedestrians over cars, a dark night sky, artisan production, eco-friendly architecture, low energy consumption and, importantly, time to enjoy all these things.”

By taking the time to browse through the colourful book painted with pictures of old architecture and the countryside, readers can develop a long list of sights to see, foods to savour and places to stay when visiting England. NM

Publisher: The Little Bookroom

A Journey of Taste

A Journey of Taste features more than 50 favourite low-fat, low-cholesterol and low-carbohydrate recipes served at Mii amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona. For readers who can’t venture to the spa located in the Boynton Canyon, they can bring the spa home by learning about the different spa treatments, appreciating the culinary photography of Rita Maas and treating their bodies to nutritious, easy-to-make meals. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, there are step-by-step instructions to make the dishes and all the fixings. A nutritional breakdown of the calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates are also provided for health-conscious readers. NM

Publisher: Chronicle Books

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Natasha Melo former editorial assistant with Travel to Wellness

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