Five Apps to Transport You to Vacation (and to Sleep)

By Erin Nicole Davis

For many of us, this is the longest time we’ve gone without travel, thanks to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. From the looks of things, it may be a while still until airplane travel is in anyone’s immediate future.

The only consolation to the devastating COVID-10 pandemic is the time it allows for reflection, re-assessment and refocusing. For many, this involves prioritizing wellness with everything from counting daily steps and calories, to meditation.

For travel lovers, there are apps out there that can mentally transport you to vacation mode (and into a deep sleep).

Here are five worth taking a look at:

The myNoise app eases users to sleep with its white and calibrated noises. Though the app has over 200 background noises to choose from, travel lovers may most appreciate sounds including rain on a tent, a natural waterfall, and ocean sounds. The app features a sleep timer to turn the sounds off, as well as an alarm for a gradual wakeup.

White Noise
The White Noise app offers a large assortment of sounds from across the board and over a wide range of frequencies. The app features three versions that support continuous looped audio playback with no network connection needed. Sounds include the chirp of crickets, the croaking of frogs, while sounds of the Amazon rainforest caters to the outdoor travel lover. The sound of airplanes, cars, trains and city streets may offer nostalgic comfort to the city-seeking traveler.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds
Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds
offers over 100 sounds, music, tones, and beats to help users unwind and sleep. Users can even mix these together to create personalized soundscapes. The travel loving set will appreciate water sounds like the ocean, slow waves, and lapping water. The app also features meditations, breathing techniques, sleep moves, and even bedtime stories.

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds
If you’re in the market for a deep, peaceful sleep, the White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds offers 25 deep sleep and white noise sounds. It features the sound of crashing waves, rain, and crickets, with the premium version featuring 23 animal and nature sounds. The app even offers features geared toward getting babies to sleep.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds
The peaceful Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app offers more than 40 high definition sounds that users can mix to create their ideal white noise background. Travel-related sounds include a variety of waterfalls, and travel sounds including those made by planes, trains and automobiles. The app offers a fade-out sleep timer and an oscillator that allows users to customize sound volume and speed.

In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy this trailer on a new film about sounds.

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Erin Nicole Davis is a Toronto-based writer and regular contributor to Travel to Wellness.