Canyon Ranch Woodside Offers New Retreat Experiences

Canyon Ranch has elevated its retreat experience at Woodside. For people looking for rejuvenation and wellness activities to cleanse both the body and mind or maybe simply to find an escape during these challenging times, Canyon Ranch offers its immersive retreat facility near Silicon Valley. Canyon Ranch Woodside, opened in late 2019, is set among centuries-old redwoods in Woodside, California, just south of San Francisco. The luxury property builds upon Canyon Ranch’s decades of experience of being an integrative wellness leader, providing guests a new form of intimate and elevated retreat experience.

Canyon Ranch Woodside
Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch Woodside

Experiencing the integrated facility

Canyon Ranch Woodside typically finds guests awed with its scenic location, settled above the well-known Skyline Boulevard. Woodside’s forested hills surround the generous 16-acre retreat facility. The property boasts of highly-sensory, personalized wellness sojourns that relieve stress from work or help one find new inspiration.

Moreover, the retreat facility also offers community-driven, introspective, and nature-infused experiences for wellness seekers that will allow them to rejuvenate in the best way. For those already familiar with Canyon Ranch Wellness Resorts, the new Canyon Ranch retreat concept can complement the trademark transformative offerings they bring to their guests.

There are 38 guest rooms to choose from, with 24 guest rooms in stand-alone luxury treehouses that are as high as 35 feet! Also offered are sleep therapy sound machines for a truly relaxing slumber. Aside from the cozy rooms to stay in Canyon Ranch Woodside also features an indoor /outdoor training zone, a boutique spa, sauna, an indoor saline pool and whirlpool. The retreat center also blends with the surrounding natural beauty seamlessly through its aesthetic that keeps guests one with nature. Whatever activity visitors choose, they can easily appreciate and recognize how the facility is integrated to the environment. The expansive wraparound decks, labyrinth, and grounds will also aid guests in enjoying the surrounding beauty of the woods.

Canyon Ranch Woodside
Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch Woodside

Wellness retreats at Canyon Ranch Woodside

Guests can choose from different packages provided by Canyon Ranch Woodside, each ensuring a luxurious and quality inclusive retreat experience. The facility can provide 3- or 4-night weekend retreats, so that it can easily suit the guests’ schedules. Guests can also personalize their activities for each day, so as to maximize how they want to spend their retreat. Canyon Ranch made sure to reimagine a weekend retreat that can truly impact people on a personal level.

There are plenty of wellness options that visitors can choose from. No matter how one likes to define wellness, guests are sure to find something that will satisfy their retreat and restoration. Evening rituals include yoga sessions and breathing exercises. Meanwhile, guests can immerse themselves in nature through a variety of options, such as hiking in the towering ancient redwoods, bird watching, nature walks, or stargazing.

Moreover, the facility also provides additional wellness services for guests to further their retreat experience. The Canyon Ranch Spa provides visitors with a steam room and sauna, while their pool is available all-day. Destination excursions and fitness activities can also thrill guests with activities such as mountain biking. Or delight them through vineyard tours and wine tasting. Additionally, wellness workshops will enlighten guests with relevant topics like meditation, self-care, journaling, finding purpose, and other motivational and inspirational subjects. A team of innovative experts, including life coaches, exercise physiologists, and spiritual wellness advisors can also assist visitors with their wellness ventures. And of course, Canyon Ranch offers healthy food made with fresh and quality ingredients from nearby Bay area regenerative farmers and ranchers.

Health protocols

The facility also follows strict health protocols, and all staff and guests are required to wear cloth masks for the safety of everyone. Social distancing will also be implemented during classes or sessions. The number of guests are also limited and there will also be no-touch temperature screenings.

Canyon Ranch draws upon its over thirty years of successful retreats at the Life Enhancement Center at the flagship resort in Tucson, Arizona. With Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat in Woodside, California, guests will enjoy a fully curated program with thoughtfully selected and intimate activities that are sure to rejuvenate and restore one’s wellness of both the physical and in spirit.

For more information, you can visit or call 888-773-0641 for bookings, reservations, or if you want a sneak peak of a truly relaxing retreat experience.

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Editor Anne Dimon visited Canyon Ranch Tucson a few years ago. Here’s her story.