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Other Wellness Experiences in Top Destinations

triflexcursion, tour company, antigua

TriFlexcursion Hiking, Cycling and Kayaking, Antigua

Another afternoon on this wellness tour of Antigua and Barbuda, I met up with TriFlexcursion a local tour company launched in late 2018 and...

Bath Time In Morocco

It's not this traveller's custom to go off with strange men in exotic destinations - but in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, a compelling...
Nicole's Table, Cooking Class, Antigua

Nicole’s Table, Caribbean Cooking Classes, Antigua

As part of my wellness tour of Antigua and Barbuda, I visited Nicole’s Table, the popular, hands-on cooking class and lunch with the overriding...
Barbuda Belle, Barbuda

Barbuda Belle, Wellness Tour, Antigua & Barbuda

The next leg of our Wellness Tour of Antigua and Barbuda is Barbuda.From Antigua via SVG Air’s eight passenger plane – the 17-minute flight...
Pikes Peak Region

Wellness Things to Do in Colorado’s Pikes Peak Region

by Lisa TruesdalePikes Peak isn’t the tallest mountain in Colorado, but it’s certainly one of the most majestic, providing a stunning backdrop to the...
Wellness tour, antigua, barbuda

Our Wellness Travel Tour of Antigua & Barbuda 2019

As a travel writer and journalist for the last 20 some years, this is my first time visiting the Caribbean's twin-island country of Antigua...

Canada’s Best Scenic Drives & Inspirational Views

From coast to coast, Canada is home to a vast collection of scenic drives and inspirational views.Ask anyone in Canada to name one of...
wellness travel, tulum, mexico

Wellness Things to Do in Tulum, Mexico

written by Rachel Young If you are a person who loves holistic wellness and subscribes to a very folksy-type of spirituality, then welcome to Tulum....
miami, wellness travel, standard spa

Miami: A City of Wellness Options

by Erin DavisFor a sun-filled wellness escape, Miami is always a reliable option. For starters, the wellness-seekers eyeing a Miami vacation may want to mark...

8 Wellness Things to do in Washington, DC

by Monica FrimWashington, D.C. is an urban walker's paradise with monuments, parks, riverside trails and lush, open spaces that coexist in harmony with business and...

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