health benefits of seaweed

Health benefits of seaweed

Diane Bernard (a.k.a. Canada’s "Seaweed Lady.") reviews the benefits of seaweed:There are thousands of varieties of seaweeds in the oceans – on Canada’s west...
healthy habits can change your life

Four Tips for Building Healthy Habits

by Mike BwankaHow habits rule your life:How many times have you started a new year's resolution, fell off, and started it again hoping you’d...
stiff shoulders, yoga solutions

Why Your Shoulders Are So Stiff and How to Open Them up

The shoulder is perhaps the body’s most complex joint, and it is one that is rarely used in the relatively sedentary modern lifestyle. As...
yoga poses, better sleep

Four Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better

by Sarah CummingsAre you trying to find something to help you get  better sleep at night? Consider yoga. Yoga has been around for centuries....
Travis Eliot

Four Wellness Living Tips from Travis Eliot

by Travis EliotLife is very busy. Many of us are juggling careers, relationships, families, hobbies, errands, school studies and much more. We are also...
clearing clutter, organizing tips, stress free, wellness living

Simple Rituals for Clearing Clutter and Letting go

by Stephanie Bennett VogtAre you having trouble letting go of something that's been bugging you? It could be a pile of things you no...
wellness retreats, holiday season,

3 Great Reasons to Book a Wellness Retreat The Holiday Season

by Sally PerkinsDuring the holidays, most people can’t help but be cheerful and excited about the season as families come together to celebrate this...

Simple Daily Mindfulness Practices That Make a Powerful Impact

Being mindful and implementing more conscious moments throughout your day allows you to feel genuine gratitude and presence, which in turn allows you to...

Must Have Winter Vegetables

Ten years ago, when I volunteered in the kitchen of a 300-seat dining room, I developed enormous respect for the orange-fleshed gems we call...

13 Easy & Inexpensive Little Ways To Work Wellness Into Your Lifestyle

With the launch of each New Year, many start thinking of kick-starting a wellness lifestyle. Here are 13 easy, inexpensive little ways to help...

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