Colorado Named 2nd Healthy Aging State in U.S.

Healthy Aging, as described by WHO, refers to the process of developing and maintaining
people’s ability to function as they age into their later years. A healthy aging society creates
a high quality of life – something that all of us strive to achieve. According to DoFasting, a virtual fasting assistant, Colorado is the “second healthy-aging state” in the U.S. If you’re looking to wellness travel to Colorado here’s a list of local options.

Healthy Aging Study in the US

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DoFasting conducted a study of healthy aging in each state. There were five major metrics in the study that were used as key indicators of healthy aging across all 50 states. These metrics were: demographics, economics, behavioral aspects, healthcare and mental health.

DoFasting described each metric in their study as follows:

● Demographics – education, crime rate, retirement age, fertility, and newborn
● Economics – income, expenditure on chronic disease, healthcare cost, poverty level,
and personal consumption expenditure.
● Behavioral aspects – alcohol consumption, smoking, regular exercise, physical
inactivity, and diet.
● Healthcare – sanitation and water supply, healthcare availability, obesity, diabetes,
and high blood pressure.
● Mental health – marriage rate, divorce rate, loneliness, mental well-being, and
suicide rate

Why Are These Indicators Important To Healthy Aging?

Among the many factors that affect one’s health, these we found to have the most impact on
the actions people take in regard to their health as they age.

The demographic metric takes into account the health and wellness conditions of early life,
from fertility to the growth of children. It includes everything from the accessibility and quality
of education to the age of retirement and crime rate throughout the state.

Economics is another major factor that takes into account the state’s poverty rate, income,
and expenditures on healthcare. It’s a fact that the amount we can spend on our well-being
determines whether we can have a high quality of life.

Behavioral aspects are those personal habits and actions of individuals. Whether people
often indulge in their vices or live an active lifestyle and have a healthier diet is the focus of
this metric.

Healthcare availability and the current state of health are separate factors focusing on the
illnesses and diseases that people may have. The number of sick and unhealthy people
among different age groups shows the current conditions of society.

The state of mental health is another key indicator of health and wellness. Marital status,
mental well-being, and suicide rate are not to be overlooked. It is important to care for
mental health and wellness along with your body in order to live a better life at any age.

Colorado was named Second Healthy Aging State in 2022

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Photo courtesy of Reset Telluride in Telluride, Colorado

According to a study by DoFasting, Colorado was found to be the second-best state for
healthy aging in the US, right behind Utah for the overall best score. Colorado scored a total
of 69.2 in comparison to Utah’s 70.9 and Massachusetts’ 67.8, coming in third.

Colorado scored one of the highest in education and one of the lowest in diseases such as
obesity and diabetes. This may be due to the many wellness travel options in Colorado. The
study shows that people in the state put importance on their wellness and health, and it only
helps to have many options to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. From mountaineering
trails to the relaxing luxurious resorts in Colorado, there’s always an opportunity to maintain
great physical and mental well-being.

Have you ever thought about how healthy aging differs between places? Would you like to
live in a healthier society and have more activities to enjoy? Or would you like to go on a
wellness trip to Colorado and experience the best rejuvenating spas and resorts in the area?

Here is a list of just a few wellness travel options in Colorado.