Five Tips for Creating the Life you Want

by Michelle Boulé

Building a beautiful life for yourself doesn’t pop out of nowhere, as much as we’d all like to rub the magic genie bottle. It’s the result of choices you’re making every single day, whether or not you’re conscious of those choices. The incredible thing is that if you don’t like what a certain aspect of your life looks like today, you have the power to change it!

Photo courtesy of Upsplash

Mindset coaching, healing, and wellness practices are effective tools to help you build a beautiful life. There’s so much great advice out there, so I’ve narrowed this down to my own top five best tips to help you create the life you truly desire with ease, grace, and even some fun along the way.

1. Get clear on your desires. Your life’s vision doesn’t have to be fully developed to the T, but the vision you have for your life is like the end point on your map. How will you know which direction to turn and what routes to take if you don’t have an idea about where you want to go?

It’s important to remember that you know exactly what you want and it’s your job to bring that to the surface. We’ve all been conditioned to think it’s okay to want certain things, but not other things. The secret is training yourself to be okay with naming and claiming what your unique desires are. These desires are your truth, and as you follow them, you’ll learn more and more about the beauty of who you are and the life you’re here to live.

2. Gratitude is the fastest way to get beyond stuck. When you commit to transforming your life, you’ll definitely hit challenges or find yourself stuck. No matter how hard your current situation is, being grateful for it changes your frame of mind and shifts your energy so you can start to see that where you’re “stuck” is actually full of opportunities.

Remember that a challenge gives you an opportunity to grow. This is something to be grateful for. To build more authentic relationships or a stronger business, you must become the person who can learn new skills and handle these challenges. You’ll grow into a stronger, more complete, and empowered version of yourself, who can hold the beautiful vision you dream of.

3. Be willing to fail. Perfectionists unite! A dancer doesn’t perform flawlessly on stage without going through a lot of failed attempts in the rehearsal studio. An opera singer doesn’t pop out of the womb singing arias. And a stand-up comedian has to face plenty of crickets when trying out new jokes. If you have success in some part of your life now, look back and see how often you had to go through failed attempts.

It’s easy to forget this, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies! So instead of dwelling on your mistakes, celebrate your attempts. Take full responsibility, clean up any messes, and then get in there and try again. Shame, guilt and judgement, although sometimes praised as badges of honor, only kill your life expression. It’s very hard for beautiful things to come towards a person who’s filled with shame.

If you need someone to help you work through this, find a great coach, mentor, healer or therapist. You’ll connect to yourself with more compassion, and gain perspective on how all your missteps actually help you step with more certainty and alignment towards your goals.

4. Move your beautiful body.  Stand up if you’ve been sitting on your buns for the last year or so. We need movement now more than ever. Movement organizes your nervous system for growth. And (see Tip 2), you’ll need to learn new skills to build your beautiful life!

Movement also connects you to your feelings. When you’re in touch with your emotions, you can direct them in a productive way to build the life you want. For example, grief helps you let go of past experiences so you can bring in new ones. Healthy anger allows you to tap into your clarity so you can take action. When you access joy and excitement moving your body for five minutes to a fun song, you tap into the passion that keeps you motivated towards your goals. Movement also helps flush out unhealthy, stuck emotions that get in the way of your brilliant clarity.

5. Use energy and repetition. Energy psychology and repetition are two of the best ways to create lasting change. According to quantum principles, we are 99.99999% energy and 0.00001% matter. If you focus on changing your energy or consciousness, often with the help of an energy medicine practitioner, your physical reality will follow en suite. That means you start thinking different thoughts. “This is 100% possible” instead of “I’ll never be able to do this” creates an entirely different reality.

You also have to get new results on repeat so those old belief systems that have been wanting to keep you small know it’s time for them to make their exit. A business owner who finally learns how to hit a 5, 6, or 7-figure month with ease and commits to doing it again and again, washes out the belief systems that say this wasn’t possible. Being honest with a partner or loved one and accessing more authentic connection, helps you realize that you don’t have to hide your truth to live the life you want.

Try just one of these five tips consistently for a week or a month, and I guarantee that your life will change. Remember, a different decision, thought, or behavior leads to a new result. Once you find a tool that works, use it consistently and repeatedly. Incremental, daily steps lead you to the transformation needed to build your beautiful life from this day forward. It may seem like your beautiful life did pop out of a genie bottle, but you’re actually the one making it all happen.

Finally, remember that mistakes are the fastest way to get you closer to your goals, and also allow you to connect to yourself and others with compassion when you realize we’re all doing the best we can to improve our lives.

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Michelle Boulé is a business and life coach, who helps creative entrepreneurs all over the world clarify and manifest their visions with more confidence, success, and alignment towards their true purpose. Her work draws from over 20 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, spirituality, and her award-winning, international career in dance. You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn