Highlights from the 5th World Wellness Weekend

5th World Wellness WeekendWith thousands of hybrid celebrations around the globe and 52 hours of online wellness sessions, the 5th annual World Wellness Weekend was deemed another great success.

According to the international event’s founder, Jean-Guy De Gabriac “We launched World Wellness Weekend in 2017 with just two countries participating, and 2021 we welcomed 133 countries from around the world with over 2,300 participating venues.”

The three-day week-end of wellness event featured celebrations began in Dubai and Sharjah ( a city in the United Arab Emirates) on Friday, September 17th, went full swing Saturday 18th at sunrise in Fiji, and continuing strong until sunset in Hawaii on Sunday 19th.

Thousands of safe, in-person, indoor or outdoor activities and workshops were organized by each of the 2,310 participating venues. In countries and cities where restrictions were still enforced, people were able to “travel the world “ from their sofas with 52 hours of curated online yoga sessions, fitness classes, guided relaxations, wellness tips and immersive 360° videos. The virtual programs in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French will soon be available on the World Wellness WebTV so that people can access them anytime, anywhere, on any device to enjoy moments of wellness at home, at work or on the go.

The greatest participation was from Latin America where WWW Ambassadors and Coordinators showcased the Pura Vida lifestyle across Brasil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay.

Western Europe was second with participation from France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Spain, Belgium.

North America was third especially with the mobilization of properties managed by WTS International and, in Quebec, where Ministers recognized massage therapists as essential workers.

The 10 most active countries with number of listed venues on wellmap.org are indicated as follows: 

“Wellness is not just a decision you take to improve your mental and physical health,” says Jean-Guy, “it is also an act of influence to inspire those around you to become the best version of themselves.” Be sure to save the date now for the 6th World Wellness Weekend 16-17-18 September 2022

World Wellness Weekend promotes healthy lifestyles through safe, fun and free activities in alignment with the United Nations’ third Sustainable Development Goal of “Good health and well-being for all.” For more information contact: Jean-Guy de Gabriac – Founder World Wellness Weekend jean-guy@weekend-wellness.com