Holistic Therapies, Craniosacral Therapy

Photo courtesy of Dreamtime

The craniosacral system consists of the head (cranium), sacrum and spine. It contains the brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves and the cerebrospinal fluid. The brain and spinal cord are covered by the dural membrane connecting the spine at the head and sacrum in the vertebral channel. Imagine a hammock attached to two trees and the impact you can apply with your hands by pushing and pulling it here and there.

Certain areas of the brain rhythmically produce and absorb the cerebrospinal fluid 6-8 times per minute.This change of pressure generates the craniosacral rhythm in the body. You can feel it as a fine and subtle rhythmic movement or pulse in the head, shoulders, arms, trunk, pelvis, legs and feet. Traumatic impact (like accidents, disease and illness at a physical or emotional level) restricts the healthy function of this delicate yet powerful central system. The slight, tender, long and soft pressure or moves that the system may receive from a therapist during a craniosacral session creates a chance to release these restrictions.

The release of traumatic energy stored in the tissues might work its way through the body, mind and spirit with deepened breath, adjusting body movements, emotional release, sound or heat. The experiece of a very deep level of relaxation during a session, as if the body is preparing to sleep, meets a clear and sharp mind resembling day dreaming. This might help restore energy potential and self-regenerative ability, thus finding a new sense and reason in life.

A craniosacral session might help:

• Chronic pain patterns especially in head, neck, back and pelvis
• Migrains and sinus problems
• Joint restrictions and diseases
• Improving the funtions of the inner organs
• Reducing stress and tension-related symptons
• Recovery after emotional imbalances
• Post-operational states and scar tissue irritations
• Restrictions after accidents or injuries
• Improving general health, vitality and wellbeing.

This article is courtesy of the internationally-acclaimed Chiva-Som in Thailand.