Jet Lag Uplift App

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Jet lag.  It is NOT one of the many joys of travel.

Whether you are traveling on business deal or to explore a new and exotic destination while on a much needed Wellness Vacation, the longest flights in the world just keep getting longer.

The medical term for “jet lag” is desynchronosis, and it can certainly disrupt your schedule especially for the first several days.

The Uplift Jet Lap app works with acupressure points on both sides of the body. Using a a special formula of biorhythmic acupressure develop by Dr. Charles Krebs it helps reset your Meridian and Circadian body clocks to the current time in your new zone.

The biorhythmic acupressure points relate to circuits in your neural network that help reset the clock.  The mobile app calculates the correct combination of points to activate for your trip, there are over 100 different solutions, and guides you with videos and diagrams to activate them.

The creators at Uplift use this analogy – Your brain is a super computer, your neural network is your personal internet, and acupressure points are like USB ports for inputting information. You input the new time info with the biorhythmic acupressure formula and your body clocks re-align to your new time as your computer or phone automatically updates to new time or daylight savings time information. Here’s what the Boston Globe has to say 

You can find the App at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Uplift also has a $9.99 subscription for one year of unlimited travel. More info on the app  

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