Pritikin Reveals Four Truths About Diets

Pritikin truth about diets
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When it comes to diets, we’ve all fallen victim to the plethora of trendy diets available out there on the Internet and elsewhere. Enticing promises of long-term weight loss solutions and dramatic results are just so appealing that we often cave in to whatever popular diet is in style for the season.  Story by Kirti Vyas.

Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami offers these real truths about diets:

1. They don’t work!
Contrary to popular belief and celebrity advocacy in the fad diet, they just don’t work! In fact, there is a scarcity of research available to support that they do. According to experts, there is barely enough evidence to suggest popular diets are effective at either short-term OR long-term weight loss.

2. Drastic food restrictions set you up for failure.
Promoting drastic food restrictions for drastic results is a great advertising technique, but horrible for your body! This is not a sustainable lifestyle. Experts agree that despite the deceptively attractive allure of trendy diets, they set you up for failure and just don’t work.

3. The smaller the food changes, the better.
Making smaller, sustainable changes is easy to do and leaves you feeling successful and proud of your weight-loss accomplishments. By simply helping yourself to another serving of vegetables at your dinner table tonight, you’re already on track towards your weight-loss goals.

4. The best diet is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle!
Research shows that there is more to weight loss than what we eat. At the end of the day, lifestyle factors, including physical activity, smoking and sleep patterns play a huge role in your waistline reduction as well as your overall health. The healthiest people on the planet have a lifestyle that includes balanced eating mostly whole foods, exercise and a healthy mindset. Successful weight loss comes with the healthy lifestyle change.

Other truths about diets and weight loss 

Many folks generally associate the word ‘diet’ with weight loss. You’d probably be better off in transforming the word into the phrase: ‘eating healthier foods’. Research consistently shows that eating healthy whole foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and whole grains is associated with long-term weight loss.

It is important to realize that diets are not effective in your weight loss journey. By making small, sustainable lifestyle and meal changes, you improve your overall health while losing weight at the same time.

Pritikin is not a diet. It is a lifestyle that has helped thousands of guests learn how to make easy recipes, incorporate physical activity into their busy lives and reach their health goals.

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Kirti Vyas is an editorial assistant at Travel to Wellness.

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