Pullman Hotels & Resorts Launches Power Fitness Fuelled by Les Mills

Part of the Accor brand, Pullman Hotels & Resorts, a hospitality icon launched over 150 years ago and now with over 130 properties, has announced a new fitness initiative called Pullman Power Fitness Fueled by Les Mills.

Pullman Power Fitness

Les Mills is a global leader in group fitness, and the launch of this partner program positions Pullman Hotels & Resorts as the first boutique fitness hotel brand with around-the-clock innovative fitness classes, in-room fitness amenities, challenging boot camps and Pullman Fitness Squad events.

Key elements of Pullman Power Fitness include:

Spaces that energize – A collaborative partnership with London-based Bergman Interior, LA-based experts Fitness Design Group and Accor created a bold design concept, carefully developed and emerging as a vibrant fitness space that makes a statement, beckons interaction, and energizes bodies while uplifting spirits and inspiring minds.

Pullman Power Fitness Fueled by Les Mills – An around-the-clock mix of live and virtual fitness classes powered by Les Mills and including Boot Camps led by the Pullman Hotels Fitness Squad, cutting edge virtual studios, and 30-day free access to Les Mills premium video on demand exercise classes both during and post your hotel stay.

Train Your Way – Integrated physical activity beyond the gym and fitness studio, includes Fit Trails with outdoor exercise circuits, Fit Stairs to inspire a convenient and efficient workout while on the road, and In-Room Fitness Kits for achieving fitness goals in the privacy of one’s guestroom.

Pullman Active Breakfast – Recognizing that nutrition is an essential driver of good health, energy and fitness levels, the Power Fitness program creates menus in tune with various dietary needs, clean food, wholesome ingredients and taste-tempting recipes.

Good company– Pullman provides a social space, challenging experiences and vibrant community for meeting fitness goals among like-minded individuals.

Pullman Power Fitness will be introduced in phases around the world beginning October, 2020 at select locations and continuing its global rollout throughout 2021 and beyond.

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