Ste. Anne’s Spa’s New Canna-Massage

by Lynn Burshtein

For a while now, but particularly since the use of cannabis was made legal in Canada in 2018, a number of health experts have been singing the praises of CBD oil. Hemp-infused CBD oil, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid extract from the cannabis plant, is said to provide a number of health benefits, including anxiety, pain- and inflammation-relief and skin hydration, among others. And so it makes sense that Ste. Anne’s Spa, located in Grafton, Ontario (one hour and 20 minutes from Toronto) would embrace this trend.

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As Canada’s largest “destination spa” and certainly on the list of Canada’s best spas, Ste Anne’s has long promoted innovative treatments – from equine therapies to mud, heat and hydrotherapies. Now, the Canna-Massage, a treatment that incorporates the hemp CBD-enhanced oils from Ste. Anne’s new Skin Nourishment CBD skin care line of organic balms, lotions, body butters and oils, has been added to the property’s menu of services.

Skin Nourishment CBD organic skin care

“The CBD massage is the ultimate in relaxation and natural health – it’s non-intoxicating and has a broad range of benefits,” says Natalie Koshowski, Spa Director at Ste. Anne’s. “Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-anxiety, and analgesic (pain relief) properties are well supported by medical studies and Ste. Anne’s wants guests to access the benefits of cannabinoid therapy. Cannabis has been used by humans for medicinal purposes for more than 8,000 years.” Ste. Anne’s is careful to note, however, that CBD should not be confused with THC, the strain of cannabis that people get “high” from.

I was recently provided the opportunity to test the Canna-Massage.Having recently recovered from a foot fracture, a sprained wrist and finger, not to mention the anxiety that goes along with such injuries, I was curious whether the treatment would assist with my healing.

My massage therapist, Robin, explained the benefits of the use of the products from the property’s CBD skincare line in combination with other aromatherapy oils. Aside from feeling relaxed after my massage, I did notice less discomfort on some of my joints as well. I also slept quite well that night. (As part of the treatment, the spa also send guests home with a full-size bottle of the oil used during the treatment (a $24.50 value). I would recommend the experience to anyone who is looking for potential relief from mild injuries or ailments.

The safety of CBD oil is taken seriously at Ste. Anne’s. “The positive therapeutic powers of the cannabis plant extracts like CBD are renowned, yet sadly its use is highly stigmatized,” says Ste. Anne’s owner, Jim Corcoran, who wants to bring a more liberal, compassionate and enlightened approach to health and healing. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization, there is no evidence correlating any public-health-related problems with the use of pure CBD. It is generally well-tolerated and has an excellent safety profile: “CBD does not induce physical dependence and is not associated with potential abuse,” reports the study.

It seems Ste. Anne’s walks the walk when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of these new products for their staff as well as their guests. Koshowskinotes: “We always strive to take care of the whole person, and that includes our staff too. Our company even offers coverage for medical cannabis as part of our benefit program..We believe in the healing power of touch and the healing power of plants for everyone!”

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Lynn Burshtein is a Toronto-based writer and long time contributor to Travel to Wellness. Connect with her on Instagram