Energizing Tips for Every Day

Syd Hoffman, health and wellness educator and author of All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy Now! shares three of her 100 energizing tips:

Credit: Thinkstock – Viktor_Gladkov

Energizing Idea 31:

Sing in your car (in the shower too!) There would be a lot less road rage if people would sing while they drive. Who cares if you can carry a tune? No one is listening!

Amazing fact: Researchers have found that people who listen to their favourite music for an hour every other week for a few months can lower their blood pressure by up to six points… equal to going on a low-salt diet or losing 10 pounds. Wow!

Energizing Idea 47:

Travel light. Learn to lighten your load. This is great advice for travel, as well as the other important areas of your life. Traveling light usually results in an enjoyable, productive and less-stressful experience.

Less stuff means greater flexibility in getting around via public transportation as well as at airports and hotels. Having fewer items to keep track of is a lovely way to relax and conserve your energy.

Energizing Idea 61:

Unplug. Every now and then, take a technology break. Skip the email and social media checks. Hide the television remote. Leave the car keys on the hook. It’s okay! Nothing is going to blow up if you haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook for a few hours!

The inundation of technology in our lives can be a huge contributor to fatigue. For some it may be difficult or even painful to put it aside for a while but the break from all the distraction and constant communication can actually be very uplifting!

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