Three Places to Visit in Israel   

by Bernadine Racoma

Israel is a very underappreciated tourist destination. It has a rich culture but also cities sitting nestled on the coast, hitting every mark for a great holiday. If you’re a sunworshipper or a nature lover, you’ll love the beaches and the animal-focused activities. If you’re a shopping fan, you’ll love the tiny stores selling unique items. If you love the culture, it seeps from every corner of the cities. Take a look at our suggestions for the best spots in Israel to visit so you can know for sure where your next trip will be.  Here are three spots that are likely to give you the most memorable experiences.

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is definitely where your mind immediately goes when you think of touring in Israel – and for good reason. This beautiful coastal city is in that sweet spot of having everything a tourist looking for a break might want but hasn’t eroded its rich culture from the experience in favor of turning into the Middle Eastern Benidorm, for example. Instead, admire the ancient architecture, enjoy the numerous coastal sport opportunities, or simply soak up the sun with a cocktail.

There are lots of things to do in Tel Aviv too. Find a hidden gem in the Carmel Street Market, or the Sarona Farmers Market for some quality produce at a bargain price. Take a Jeep tour through the desert and its marvels, like wandering through the Red Canyon, or swim in the Dolphin Reef or the Coral Beach Nature Reserve for more tropical creatures.  


Jerusalem is a name that even the most world-news-evasive person will know. A man doesn’t base a religion – or various – around himself without mentioning his favorite holy city. You’ll spot the distinct gold Dome of the Rock from the plane as just one of the many holy spots in the city, and there are even more historic sites to enjoy. The Western Wall remains a place for Jews to pray, and the tunnels a great source of awe, The Garden Tomb gives you a view and smells to wander through with this holy site, and The Way of the Cross where it is said Jesus was condemned by Pilate.

This is very much an outdoor holiday sort of trip, with many architectural and natural sites to enjoy as well as gardens and markets on every corner.


Eilat is a great mixture of everything. Like Tel Aviv it offers natural marvels, like Jerusalem it offers man-made marvels, and like any good holiday it offers lots of fun activities to create memories. Located in the topmost nook of the Gulf of Aqaba, there are plenty of beaches to choose from, including the famed Princess Beach with its many aquatic friends to observe. There is also the Underwater Observatory Marine Park and the Isrotel Theatre to enjoy a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Ride a camel through the sand dunes or take a tour of Petra, named one of the 7 New Wonders of the World, which has a 3,000 seat Roman theater inside its sandstone structures.

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