Travel Tips to Help Manage Jet Lag

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Jet lag happens when a body’s inner clock falls out of sync with the daily cycle of light, food and sleep. Here are a few tips from savvy Travel to Wellness contributors who travel for a living and usually have to be bright-eyed and ready-to-go when they arrive at a destination:

  • Put yourself on local time at the destination as soon as possible. If possible, try to ease yourself into the new zone a few days before you fly.

  • If necessary and when possible, go to bed later or get up later in order to help ease yourself into that new time zone. An eating scheduled based on destination times also helps to reset your body clock.

  • Eat light meals the day of departure and try to exercise or take a brisk walk. Fresh air and exercise is always good for body, mind and soul. Well’it’s good for combating jet lag too.

  • On the flight wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to nap as needed, yet arrive looking as if your haven’t just gotten out of bed.

  • Eat according to your destination time zone keeping in mind that light meals e (fruit is especially good) according to your destination, drink LOTS of water and avoid beverages with caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

  • Take short walks up and down the aisles to stretch out muscles at least every couple of hours. Drink LOTS of water to keep you hydrated PLUS you’ll get the added bonus of exercise when you have to get up to walk to the washroom.

  • Pack an eye mask to cut out light if the destination time zone demands that you should be sleeping, or at the very least resting.

  • More and more airports now offer spa facilities so if a long layover for a connecting flight allows you the opportunity of time book a head and shoulder massage. It really makes a difference on how quickly you’ll bounce back after a long flight.

  • At the destination make sure you stay on local time, get lots of fresh air on the first day and a good night’s sleep.

Relax and enjoy the journey!