Virtuoso and Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel, wellness for the planet

As we all know, wellness living and wellness travel both encompass the concept of “wellness for the planet.” And, that means travel with a focus on sustainability practices. A few ways we can all help.

Virtuoso’s 2018 Luxe Report revealed growing interest among consumers for sustainable travel vacations. The report defines sustainable tourism as travel that is “environmentally friendly, supports the protection of cultural and natural heritage, and provides social and economic benefits to local people.”

Virtuoso advisors report that clients do factor in sustainable tourism practices when making travel decisions, and they also say that it is Millennials who are leading the charge. The demographic cohort is three times more likely than second-place Generation X to seek out and support travel companies that are committed to sustainable tourism. Baby Boomers follow next and are noteworthy in their support for sustainable tourism, given they represent a core demographic of the travel market.

But as a combined group, Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z are the travel wave of the future, and Virtuoso advisors report that they represent over 80 percent of those clients today who are most likely to book travel that benefits local people and helps protect the planet.

The 10 factors of sustainable tourism found to be most appealed to the clients of Virtuoso advisors are:

Eco-friendly practices

Protecting wildlife

Eating local foods/supporting local farmers

Water quality and conservation

Decreasing impact on planet

Giving back to communities

Staying at green hotels


Reducing plastic waste

Respecting culture

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