Wallings Nature Reserve Antigua Barbuda Wellness Tour

Our wellness travel tour of Antigua and Barbuda continues…. story and photos by Anne Dimon

walling nature reserve, antigua

This afternoon I visited Wallings Nature Reserve, part of the island’s Green Corridor, and met up with Executive Director, Refica Atwood. The community project, which officially opened in October of 2018 and is built around a man-made reservoir dating back to 1890, is creating a sustainable tourism product that incorporates hiking and guided history and nature tours. There are three newly maintained nature trails in distances of three, five and 14 miles.

forest bathing, wallings nature reserve, antigua,What a wonderful spot for a walk in the woods – a.k.a. Forest Bathing. A  point of distinction for Antigua. I loved it!

The not-for-profit community project is in collaboration with the Government of Antigua, and one of the goals is to introduce “water harvesting,” an important issue, particularly in times of drought

It’s a new morning here in Antigua and I am meeting up with the Environmental Awareness Group, a volunteer organization promoting the sustainable use of natural resources  and building awareness around the topic.

Hikes into remote areas and lectures on environmental issues are two of their educational offerings, and one of their major projects is ridding the shore islands of invasive species to that endangered species – such as the Antigua Racer Snake can survive. With the help of this environmentally-conscious group, the non-poisonous snake, indigenous to Antigua is experiencing a resurgence.

When I meet up with Victor Joseph, enthusiastic bird lover and volunteer guide for the EAG, and explain to him that I do not think that “bird watching” is a wellness activity because I feel it is more of a spectator activity. He tells me it can be very active depending on the individual participant.

antigua, wellness tour

We agree that simply being out in nature is good, and that trying to spot and identify birds, as they swoop and soar and perch, can certainly be a mindful activity. He tells me there are between 60 and 70 resident species of birds on the twin-islands, and that The Magnificent Frigate is the country’s national bird.that incorporates a floatation bed anchored by ropes just off the shoreline. that incorporates a floatation bed anchored by ropes just off the shoreline.

Later, as I stand watching a graceful pelican swoop down from the skies to perch on a rocky shoreline, I better understand the mindfulness of “birding.”

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