10 Healthy Habits You May Not Have Considered

Dr. Kenneth Prange, the naturopath, natural therapies and macrobiotic counselor at SHAWellness. in Spain shares his 10 healthy habits for creating a wellness lifestyle:

1. Create a life vision that excites you: Have a goal, know where you are going and move forward in that direction.

2. Create a plan for success: For any great project either personal or professional we need a plan of action. Write it down.

3. Create positive self-talk: Don’t think about what you CAN’T do, but about all the things that you CAN do.

4. Select healthy food and learn to cook: Get rid of the poor quality food you already have in your kitchen. Read labels before you buy and stay away from anything and everything with a high concentration of sugar. Check these top cooking classes in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

5. Slow down when you eat: Eating slowly and appreciating the textures and tastes is not just meditative, it increases the efficiency of the digestive system.

6. Do something physical everyday day: Physical activity not only balances dietary intake but reduces stress by increasing endorphins.

7. Make time to meditate: Find a quiet place every day to just sit, relax and think of nothing. Trouble turning off brain chatter? Try repeating a mantra – Dr. Prange suggestions something like: ‘I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I have no complaints.’ Or, try visualize yourself in a wonderful relaxing environment surrounded by nature.

8. Unplug often: Think energy conservation but also electronic magnetic energy. Turn off your cell phone when you don’t need it. Unplug the TV when not in use. If you use your cell often, use headphones.

9. Spend time in nature: Sit in your garden or under a tree in a nearby park. Listen to the sounds, feel the wind on your skin, smell the flowers.

10. Create a healthy home: Repair things instead of simply replacing. Oil a squeaky door, fix a leak, get rid of whatever is useless or unused.

And, the bonus #11, says Dr. Prange, is Have Fun. The main reason for creating health is to make life more enjoyable so take the time to schedule things that make you happy.