Earth Day: Green, Eco and Sustainable Travel


Wellness living and wellness travel are also about wellness for the planet, and under the banner of sustainability, more and more hotels and resorts are doing their part to save the planet.  When traveling, here are a few small ways we all can all help:  

• Reduce the use of single-use plastics – bottles, straws etc.

• Hang wet towels to dry and reuse the following day.

Request not to have your sheets changed every day. 

To save water -take showers instead of baths.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

While in your room, limit the number of lights being used.

Disconnect your laptop and chargers when not in use – plugged in, they’re still using energy.

When you leave the room, turn off all ights, the TV and radio.

In warmer weather, turn off guestroom air conditioning when leaving the room and leave the curtains open to encourage natural warming by the sun.

Place paper, plastic, glass, cans and food waste in respective recycling bins.

Finish bath amenities (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc.) before using the replacements. Leave behind unused amenities to reduce waste.

Here’s a sampling of what procedures and protocols hotels and resorts around the world have been implementing on the sustainability scene:

• Eliminating the use of bottled water, plastic straws and food products with unnecessary packaging.

• Waste management programs.

• The use of local and chemical free products – from cleaning supplies, to sourcing locally for food and spa products.

• Water conservation efforts and a more mananaged laundry service.

• The recycling of all the plastic bottles that treatment products come in.

• Making a greater effort to work with companies that produce eco-friendly (phosphate and VOC free and biodegradable).

• Adhering to the principals of LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, such as including recycled wall insulation, LED lighting, repurposed wooden doors and other fixtures, and energy efficient air filtration system.

• Incorporating sustainability into operating practices with things like organic cotton linens, towels and robes and natural lighting.

• Treatment menus in digital format to save paper and providing of eco-friendly literature to guests for reading and further education.

• The use of energy efficient light bulbs, floors of sustainable bamboo and low-flow shower heads, sink taps and toilets.

• The use of sustainable resources such as the
American walnut part of a program where each tree that is cut down is replaced by another.

• The use of paints that are toxic free.

• Energy efficient appliances.

• A water recycling system that is designed to filter wastewater through pools that are rich with fish, plants and other natural filters. The end result is reclaimed water that is used to irrigate botanical gardens and landscaping.

• Showing respect and value for the local eco-systems and indigenous culture.

• Insertion of a geothermal heating and cooling systems providing an emission-free and noise-free alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods.

• Green roofs that helps insulate buildings as well as providing habitats for birds and butterflies.

• The creation of on-site sustainable gardens.

• Using soaps without phosphates, toilet paper made from recyled products and recycling greywater (dish, shower, sink and laundry water).

And, more. Go Green!