Our Wellness Travel Tour of Antigua & Barbuda 2019

As a travel writer and journalist for the last 20 some years, this is my first time visiting the Caribbean’s twin-island country of Antigua and Barbuda. Over this 10-day wellness tour, as a guest of the tourism board here to speak at their first Wellness Forum, I’ll be experiencing a number of wellness offerings and activities and reflecting on findings along the way. Story and photos by Anne Dimon Wellness tour, antigua, barbuda

With a population of close to 100,000, and often referred to as the “gateway to the Eastern Caribbean,” the country of Antigua and Barbuda was, I’m surprised to learn, the first in the Western Hemisphere to ban plastics bags (in 2016) and styrofoam one year later. One of the results of the ban is that straws are now made out of plant-based products. Wellness tourism does, after all, include wellness for the planet and wellness-minded travelers do lean towards the pursuit of both “eco-tourism” and “responsible tourism.”

My first stop on the 10-day tour was St. James Club

You can also read about my visits to and with Wallings Nature Reserve, Colesome Farm to Table Experience, Sugar Ridge, Nicole’s Table Cooking Classes, Triflexcursions, Barbuda Belle and The Great House as we make our way around the twin-island country experiencing some of what is offered under the umbrella of Wellness. Check out the Antigua & Barbuda You Tube Channel

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