Simple Daily Mindfulness Practices That Make a Powerful Impact

Being mindful and implementing more conscious moments throughout your day allows you to feel genuine gratitude and presence, which in turn allows you to feel more genuine fulfillment and delight in life, a greater sense of trust within yourself and Universe and opens your energy to deeper, more embodied love and the ability to have more meaningful relationships in your life. Soul-level work is wondrous and here are a few of my favorite, simple practices that have drastically changed my life for the better:

Credit: Thinkstock – kapulya
  1. First thing upon waking up (before getting out of bed, before turning to your phone, etc…) tune in to your physical body and notice what energy you sense is present inside. Allow any softening needed and if you notice any tightness or anxiety or “frenetic” vibes, allowing the releasing of those energies to take place and once centered and clear ask “what shall my energy be today?” and see what your higher self instantly answers back – perhaps you are ready to be filled with trust and peace and you allow your energy inside to be clear and united with Divine source. Or maybe you’re ready to feel more delight, upliftment and joy – no matter what reveals itself, allow that energy and essence to flow into you and fill you. When you feel the process complete, then you can get out of bed.
  2. Take a meaningful look in the mirror. Honoring ourselves, who we are, and all we have experienced is vital to embodying true self love, which is vital to have for the love we desire to be reflected to us. Take one moment to truly look into your eyes and see yourself. You can place a hand on your heart center and simply send yourself love and say thank you to you.
  3. If someone crosses your mind during the day, even if it’s a flash – that’s an intuitive hit – send that person a kind text or give them a call. Your soul might have thought of them in that precise moment because they are truly in need of some love or heartfelt connection.
  4. Breath! Our prana, our life force, the energy that shifts and clears old and creates space for new… when needing to take a moment to regroup or become present once again to the peace and love that always lives within you, close your eyes and long and slow, gently inhale through the nose and even slower, and deeper (access the very bottom pockets of your lungs if you can) exhale. Continue with this rhythm of peaceful breathing and once in flow with it, access the energy inside of you and allow it to become truer, enriched with Divine support and allow yourself to feel calm, blessed and held. You can end with the mantra “I am whole, I am Love, I am true, I am receiving in Divine support.”
  5. Palo santo – working with this sacred wood from the Amazon is a true gift – the scent and high spiritual intelligence that it embodies is healing, revitalizing and purifying. You can find this wood at any metaphysical shop (purchase from a company that is committed to reforestation efforts) and simply light one end of the stick, allowing the flame to extinguish on its own then lightly waft the scent around you. I use it anytime I feel the energy around me is heavy or stale, before meditation or after any stressful encounter. Palo santo returns you to your power and present moment.

There is a power and energy within us and all around us that we can connect to for greater peace in life. The key is giving ourselves the gift of taking a mindful moment to reconnect to these sources and return to our true nature.

Alyson Charles, AKA Rockstar Shaman channels ancient, sacred wisdom and divine energy through her work as a self-realization expert for celebrities and CEOs.  Charles, a national champion runner and international TV and radio host, is known as a powerful catalyst for change and has been named “One of the Reasons Why Practical Magic is the New Frontier of Mindfulness” by Forbes, “The Next Big Thing” by Marie Claire Magazine and a “Top Meditation ” by Oprah Magazine. Alyson utilizes her calling to shamanism to invite people to awaken to their power.