10 Easy Steps to Defend Against Skin Cancer

Credit: Thinkstock – RossHelen

by Dermatologist, Dr. John Goldhar

Regardless of the summer, if you plan to spend time outside protect your skin from the sun. Here are 10 tips for safe sun.

1. Use an SPF sun block every day (spf 30-60 with titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide)

2. Apply sunscreen 10-15 minutes before exposure (sunscreen needs time to absorb and protect)

3. Limit exposure time during 11:00 am to 4:00 the sun is the most damaging during this time)

4. Apply sunscreen on cloudy, misty and foggy days 80% of the suns rays will penetrate these conditions)

5. Don’t forget to apply it to the ears (the tips of the ears are often a forgotten area)

6. Remember to apply it to the lips (lower lip is most commonly affected for lesions)

7. Watch for new or changing moles or lesions (watch for lesions that don’t heal)

8. If changes are found, see a dermatologist. (Cancer caught early will improve outcomes).

9. Don’t use artificial tanning beds(sun damage, rashes, and increased cancer risk)

10. Be aware that, even if you don’t burn, excess sun exposure over time,can cause, wrinkling, brown spots and skin cancers, in any type of skin.

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Dermatologist Dr. John Goldhar is the director of CosmedixMD in Toronto.