Wellness Tips for People Who Travel for Work

by Anna Wilson

travel tips for staying well on the road
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For people who regularly have to travel for work, staying healthy can be a real challenge. Being on the road a lot can deprive you of basic needs such as sleep and healthy meals. However, there are simple things you can do to ensure that you’re still taking care of yourself while on the road.

Prevent jet lag

Being in a line of work that requires a lot of air travel can be tough. For instance, flight attendants and business professionals are away from home a lot, and they are subjected to changing time zones. It can affect the body’s natural rhythm and cause jet lag, but Time Magazine assures that you can get ahead of it. Slowly transition your sleep schedule before you travel so it won’t be much of a shift.

Get active

travel tips for staying well on the road
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Busy people often say that they don’t have time for exercise, but you can actually workout even if you only have a few minutes to spare. There’s even a routine called Scientific 7-Minute Workout, which comprises of twelve body weight exercises that you can do anywhere that has a wall and a chair. This sort of routine is perfect for people who are always on the go.

Stay hydrated

Do you often find yourself tired, dizzy, or confused? If that’s the case, then you might be experiencing dehydration. Dietitian Lisa Drayer explains that many Americans have a tendency to drink sweetened beverages but not enough water, and the habit can cause illnesses such as diabetes or obesity. A simple solution is to buy a durable tumbler that you can take anywhere. This is especially crucial for occupations where the water supply might be low, like journalists who are assigned to remote areas or architects on their way to rural sites.

Plan your meals

travel tips for staying well on the road
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Another common concern of people who travel for work is that it can be hard to find healthy food. A lot of roadies, for instance, just pass through fast food chains. One thing that can help is to bring pre-packed meals that don’t easily spoil such as granola bars, fruit and nuts and seeds. You can also stock up on healthy snacks like wheat crackers or muffins.

Loosen the knots

On top of traveling, a lot of professionals also have to be on their feet all day. And one industry that comes to mind is real estate. Yoreevo co-founder James McGrath identifies the main types of real estate professionals, namely agents, brokers and realtors. All of them need to move around a lot as they have to meet clients, check out listed properties, or visit development project sites. It is not only mentally draining but also physically demanding. After an exhausting work week, why not go to a spa where you can have your sore muscles kneaded? It is also a great way to destress.

Don’t forget to sleep

travel tips for staying well on the road
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Of course, sleep is the last thing that you should be skimping on. It not only deprives you of energy, but also affects your mood, memory, and ability to think clearly which can be detrimental to your work. If you’re having trouble sleeping, check out the yoga poses previously suggested here on Travel to Wellness to help you get a good night’s rest.

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Anna Wilson is a personal fitness coach who have been working with private clients since finishing her Exercise Science degree. She also does freelance work as additional means to fund her passion for travel. Anna plans to tour Asia extensively next year.

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