Planning a Wellness Vacation or Wellness Retreat With Intention

When planning a Wellness Vacation or Wellness Retreat and sifting through the growing number of options available today, it’s important to give some thought to the INTENT. What are YOU looking to achieve? The Intention, Goal or Objective could be simply to take the first step to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. According to a recent survey conducted by the Wellness Tourism Association, Just under half of survey respondents (44.93%) identified a “general, overall reboot”as their main goal for a Wellness Vacation/Retreat.

 Other reasons could be to detox (body or mind), to commune with nature or any of the other intentions/objectives listed below. Only you know what you want and need to move forward toward a healthier you and a greater sense of overall wellbeing.  Check out the Wellness Tourism Association’s definitions for Wellness Vacation and Wellness Retreat in the first wellness tourism industry glossary of definitions.

Credit: Thinkstock – lolostock

Here are a few other Wellness Vacation intentions:

  1. Weightloss

  2. Develop a new relationship with food

  3. Manage stress

  4. Time to reconnect (with self, significant other, family)

  5. Recharge, Reboot, Re-energize

  6. To make other positive life changes

Just a few examples of goals or objectives to start you thinking about the Intention of your next Wellness Vacation or Wellness Retreat.