Our editorial team has rounded up 27 Best Girl Getaways that best capture our definition of wellness travel. Please select by destination to find the best girl getaway for you and your girlfriends.

Write-ups by Kristy Thomson

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Central & South America
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Green Mountain at Fox Run
Ludlow, Vermont

Highlights: Eating restructuring program, workshops developing healthy relationships with food and fitness experience.

What we Like Best: Learning new ways to achieve a healthy body weight while building a support network with other women.

Hula Girl Getaway

Highlights: Daily hula lessons, yoga, kayaking and snorkeling.

What we Like Best: The emphasis on physical fitness through oceanfront activities.

Havasupai Canyon Escape - Arizona Outback Adventures
Scottsdale, Arizona

Highlights: A multi-day hiking excursion in the spectacular Havasupai Canyon, upscale riverside camping accommodations and healthy meals.

What we Like Best: The inspirational setting, the opportunity to push oneself a bit beyond comfort levels and expert guides.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Immersion Retreat
Tucson, Arizona

Highlights: Mantra meditation, physical and respiratory balancing programs and Ayurvedic massage treatments.

What we Like Best: The spiritual focus through the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda translated as the “science of life and longevity.”

The Yoga of Writing
Sedona, Arizona

Highlights: Attention to silence and stillness, listening to your own voice and being heard.

What we Like Best: As a meditation and writing retreat, this program emphasizes spirituality through unique mediums.

Friend’s Spa Cottage Escape
Grafton, Ontario

Highlights: Ayurvedic-based spa therapies, wellness classes and ambrosial cuisine.

What we Like Best: The intimacy of the spa cottages at Ste. Anne’s Country Inn and Spa.

Satchidananda Ashram – Yogaville
Buckingham, Virginia

Highlights: Guided meditation and Hatha yoga classes, hiking and tours of the Ashram and interfaith LOTUS Shrine (Light of Truth Universal Shrine).

Sewall House Yoga Retreat
Island Falls, Maine

Highlights: Daily yoga and meditation in a natural setting.

What we Like Best: With only seven guest rooms, this retreat guarantees small classes.

Wintermoon Summersun Adventures
Brimson, Minnesota

Highlights: Winter dog sledding and summer sea kayaking in the Northwoods boreal forest.

What we Like Best: The environmentally-friendly retreat lodge uses wood heat, solar power, a hand pump for well water and organic gardens.

River Soul Journeys
Idaho and Oregon

Highlights: River rafting, yoga, journaling and guided meditation.

What we Like Best: The seclusion of these retreat locations adds to their spirituality.

Girls At Play
U.S., Canada and Mexico

Highlights: Whitewater kayaking, yoga and led by world-renowned paddler Anna Levesque.

What we Like Best: This program aims to bring women together from across the world to paddle with other women.

Relish Culinary Adventures’ Culinary Tours
Sonoma County, California

Highlights: Meet farmers, cheese-makers, wine-makers and other artisans, learn about their craft and taste, sample and cook with delicious results.

What we Like Best: Various culinary day trips and multi-day packages emphasize the region’s food and wine while offering a unique way to see another side of wine country.

Cowgirl Only Week
Granby, Colorado

Highlights: Riding, guided hikes, massages, yoga and local hotspring trips.

What we Like Best: The Drowsy Water Ranch offers a complete western vacation including sunrise rides.

‘Women on the Water’ Kayaking and Camping Tour
San Juan Islands, Washington state

Highlights: Kayaking among rocky tree-lined islands, catching glimpses of eagles, harbor seals, river otters and orcas and waterfront camping.

What we Like Best: It blends physical activity with unique sightseeing experiences while camping on islands only accessible by boat.

A Sedona Sojourn
Sedona, Arizona

Highlights: Hiking trails with spectacular views, jeep trips across Sedona's red-rocked landscape, massages and tours of Indian ruins.

What we Like Best: The raw beauty and inspirational environment of Sedona.

Women's Wellness Week, Cal la Vie Health Spa
Vista, California

Highlights: Women’s Wellness Week, Women’s Beauty Week, fitness and spa treatments.

What we Like Best: Programs for mind-body awareness.

Hotel Valencia Santana Row’s Girlfriends’ Getaway
San Jose, California

Highlights:Massages, facials and shopping.

What we Like Best: There are 11 different spas and salons in the vicinity as well as historic landmarks like the Winchester Mystery House.


CuisinArt Resort and Spa
Anguilla, British West Indies

Highlights: Spa treatments, private fitness classes and cuisine featuring fresh ingredients from the resort’s hydroponic farm.

What we Like Best: Excellent opportunity to get fit, learn about health cooking and soak up the island’s tranquil setting.

Amansala Bikini Boot Camp
Tulum, Mexico

Highlights: Beach-based fitness activities, cavern snorkeling, cycling excursions to nearby lagoons and ancient ruins.

What we Like Best: It blends fitness with culture through experiences like tribal drumming in one of our favourite Mexico destinations.


Inn-to-Inn Sea Kayaking
Crete, Greece

Highlights: Kayaking along the south coast of Crete (the largest of the Greekislands), accommodations in villages only accessible by water and massages under the stars.

What we Like Best: No experience is necessary to master this sport.

Escape to Shape
Marrakech, Morocco

Highlights: Yoga, Arabic traditions and marketplaces.

What we Like Best: Supporting the local community and economy through organic goods and local staff.


Costa Rica Girlfriends Getaway
San Jose, Costa Rica

Highlights: Adventure tour, downtown cultural expedition and architecture blending Spanish aesthetic with contemporary elements.

What we Like Best: This retreat offers insight into Costa Rica’s land and culture in an active way.

Lifetree Adventure’s Peru Girlfriend Getaway
Lima, Peru

Highlights: Sailing the Amazon River, service days in villages along the Ucayali River.

What we Like Best:Traveling and living on an Amazon Riverboat and stopping to volunteer and help native settlements.

Sacred Journey to Machu Picchu for Women
Sacred Crystal Valley, Peru

Highlights: On-site workshops, daily Grail World Mantra, stretching and meditation.

What we Like Best: It offers a guided journey in body, heart and mind ushering the Feminine Spirit in with the ancient sacred ceremony.

Pura Vida Adventures
Malpais, Costa Rica

Highlights: Daily surf instruction (all levels), yoga classes and cultural activities.

What we Like Best: The combination of beachfront fitness and Costa Rica’s culture within the “pura vida” theme meaning “enjoy life.”


La Dolce Vita Retreats

Highlights: Experiential learning, creative self-expression and educational workshops.

What we Like Best: In different international locations, like Cote d’Azur, France, each retreat focuses on life transitions and reflection.

REI Women’s-Only Adventures
North and Latin America

Highlights: Kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking.

What we Like Best: From Baja kayaking in Mexico to backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, each adventure is tailored to its location.

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Kristy Thomson is an editorial intern with Travel to Wellness

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