pain free movement

How Movement Can Help Chronic Pain

by Lily EslahjouWere you ever told to stop exercising or to avoid ‘moving’ a certain way in order to avoid pain?   Truth is,...

7 Healthy Foodie Things To Do This Fall

The list that tells you the top 100 foodie things to do before you die. While dining on a 16-course meal at a 3-star...
Garden of the Gods meditation

Five Meditation Tips for Busy People

Kelly Stoinski, Wellness Coach and Patient Experience Navigator at Strata Integrated Wellness at Spa at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club in Colorado...

5 Easy Ways to Clear Your Space and Balance Your Life

Clearing our spaces frees us to experience more of who we truly are. Clearing any thing or thought releases stuck energy and opens the...
stiff shoulders, yoga solutions

Why Your Shoulders Are So Stiff and How to Open Them up

The shoulder is perhaps the body’s most complex joint, and it is one that is rarely used in the relatively sedentary modern lifestyle. As...
wellness retreats, holiday season,

3 Great Reasons to Book a Wellness Retreat The Holiday Season

by Sally PerkinsDuring the holidays, most people can’t help but be cheerful and excited about the season as families come together to celebrate this...

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