Four tips for achieving mindfulness

"Get out of your head and into your body."by Barbie Bent and Ariel...
Gut Health Hacks

Gut Health Hacks by Lindsay Boyers

We often think about our mental health but what about our gut health? Are you experiencing digestive-type issues?  Bloating? Heartburn? Weight gain? Frequent visits...
screen time

Less Screen Time, More Productive Time

Are you the type of person who just finds it hard to put down your phone, even when you have other important things to...

Antioxidant Rich Summer Foods

by Eleni Tzotzis Antioxidants are in the foods we adore. They naturally make us feel good. Have you held a pint of fresh, perfectly ripe,...
Michael French

Art and Wellness: Healing the soul from your home

The world is taking a much-needed break — healing from the overwhelming, information-driven days our lives have revolved around for so long. Now that we...
stiff shoulders, yoga solutions

Why Your Shoulders Are So Stiff and How to Open Them up

The shoulder is perhaps the body’s most complex joint, and it is one that is rarely used in the relatively sedentary modern lifestyle. As...
Mediterranean diet

May is International Mediterranean Diet Month

Celebrating the dietary lifestyle and wide ranging health benefits associated with the foods originating from that part of the world, May is International Mediterranean...

5 Easy Ways to Clear Your Space and Balance Your Life

Clearing our spaces frees us to experience more of who we truly are. Clearing any thing or thought releases stuck energy and opens the...
Holiday Wellness Tips

Holiday Wellness Tips: Maintain Good Health and Start the New Year Off Right!

Staying healthy during the holidays is usually a lot easier said than done. Everyone feels a little overwhelmed during the holiday season with the...
wellness living

Five Tips for Creating the Life you Want

by Michelle BouléBuilding a beautiful life for yourself doesn’t pop out of nowhere, as much as we’d all like to rub the magic genie bottle....

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