Review: Holistic Wealth by Keisha Blair – 32 Life Lessons to Purpose, Prosperity & Happiness

by Anne Dimon

Holistic Wealth Keisha BlairIn the introduction to her book Holistic Wealth, Keisha Blair writes: “My life is a testament to the truth that we can overcome the chaos of adversity.” Keisha was just 31 when her 34-year-old husband died suddenly, leaving her to care for their two very young children. As a single mom she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that allowed her to focus on the most important lessons for achieving happiness, purpose and prosperity.

The book is a result of that journey.

An economist and a member of the Canadian Prime Minister’s delegation to the World Economic Forum in 2018, Keisha is also a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard ’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Her 289- page book inspires readers to become financially savvy and independent, in order to live with purpose and generosity.

What is holistic wealth? For the purposes of the book and in broad terms, Keisha describes “holistic wealth” as “wealth that comprises various elements – financial savvy and independence, a life purpose and mission, spiritual connection, and a generous demeanor – all of which lead to a great sense of wholeness and resilience in time of difficulty, and to happiness and joy.”  She adds that “at a basic level, holistic wealth emphasizes wealth in key aspects of life including financial wealth, physical health, emotion and spiritual wealth, and wealth in our relationsships with others, as well as in our contributions to humanity.”

As to the WHY of achieving holistic wealth? Via a news release Keisha says, “Cultivating holistic wealth helps us to be mentally tough, and to have grit to weather the inevitable storms and setbacks that life brings.”

The books includes interviews and advice from over one hundred trailblazers and influences who offer their own insights and lessons on achieving holistic wealth. It also gives the reader practical suggestions on achieving a greater sense of wholeness and finding one’s inner resilience in challenging times.

Holistic Wealth is divided into four parts:

Part 1. Intentional Life Purpose, with chapters including those titled Life on Your Terms, A Personal Mission, The Incomparable You, A Sabbatical, and Life Within Each Moment, helps the reader chart his or her unique journey.

Part 2. Achieving Financial Independence focuses on developing a plan for financial longevity, and becoming free from debt.

Part 3. Physical and Spiritual Nourishment includes chapters titled Spiritual Self-Renewal, Recipes Made From Scratch, Daily Exercise and Joyful Hobbies that offer advice to help create a healthy body and mind.

Part 4. Goodwill and Strong Relationships looks at the importance of allowing “service to others” to take precedence over “the highest-paid positions,” giving back thru mentorships and fostering relationships with holistic health connectors and cheerleaders.

Here are a few quotes from Holistic Wealth that will surely resonate with readers on their own journeys to find purpose, happiness and prosperity.

“Strong supportive relationships increase our happiness and contribute to holistic wealth. However, there are some relationships that can cause stress and negatively affect our mental well-being.”  She writes: “The term naysayers is how I refer to the people and social forces who tap into negative thinking and undermine your belief in your own ability to create holistic wealth.”


“At a basic level, your personal mission has to be rooted in the story of you, the sum of your life experiences, and what you want to achieve in the future.”


“Perception is everything. If you see everything through the lens of the naysayers or through a victim perspective, then it’s hard to get what you really want in life.”


“Comparison to others is the emperor of all emotional maladies. It kills the spirit and creates divisions in our social interactions.”


“True luxury isn’t material, it’s about people.”


“Intuition is an important enabler of holistic wealth. When we fail to tune in to our intuitive selves, we fail to make deposits to our holistic wealth bank account.”


“Write your own slogan in your personal mission statement and chant it. Chant it as if your life depended on it. Chant it as often as you need to hear it.”


Tragedies and obstacles hold the keys to unlocking your true purpose in life. These types of “gifts” are not shiny objects wrapped neatly with a beautiful bow, but real-life lessons in becoming more resilient.”


“By spending time in nature, we access holistic wealth through its physical, spiritual and emotional benefits.”


“Spiritual self-renewal is about taking time to rejuvenate, letting the past go so a new you in a new place in life can be born.”


There is a little gem of wisdom on almost every page of this inspirational book.  Nice work Keisha Blair!   You’ll find Holistic Wealth on Amazon