Who to Know: Andrea Elizabeth Dragosits, Founder of Souljourn Adventure

Andrea Elizabeth DragositsA familiar face in the wellness tourism industry, Andrea Elizabeth Dragosits graduated from university with a Bachelors of Commerce degree with Honours specializing in Tourism Management in 2004.

She then immersed herself in a fast paced, demanding corporate job within the tourism industry, working for an elite luxury lifestyle concierge company for 10 years. There, she worked in various capacities focusing on recruitment, client experience, marketing plus was a personal concierge for a VIP clientele.

A burnout inspired Andrea to leave the corporate world to pursue a dream after taking a life-changing, transformational wellness retreat. Her healing journey began and she has been promoting wellness travel and pioneering this growing industry ever since. Souljourn Adventure, A Wellness Travel Concierge was born and founded in 2014. In the time since, Andrea has been studying and practicing yoga, holistic health, spirituality and mindfulness.

Andrea is passionate about inspiring, guiding and connecting solo women and others to a balanced holistic lifestyle through wellness travel, retreats and lifestyle experiences. She partners with global wellness companies to market and support them within the growing wellness tourism market as a wellness tourism influencer and ambassador. With an unwavering passion for travel, Andrea has traveled to over 40 countries and visited hundreds of properties globally. You can learn more about Andrea’s journey at: www.souljournadventure.com

What is your favourite place to just ‘BE” and why?
Without a doubt amongst nature! Either by a lake, the ocean, mountains, a jungle, or the woods, I feel the most authentically at peace and “home.” As a mindfulness guide, I love to inspire others to see the beauty that surrounds us, live in the present moment, and share imagery captured along my travels which you can visit at: www.instagram.com/puravidadream

What’s one thing you do to work wellness into your everyday life?
I meditate daily and have been practicing for many years now. I also incorporate many self-care practices, from affirmations, gentle yoga and breath work, to journaling, spa days, healthy eating and being active outdoors. 

What’s your best healthy snack?
I make these homemade energy balls that are my go-to snack packed with so much healthy goodness to keep me fuelled along my road trips, adventures, hikes and travels.  My mission while on the road is to find the best natural products that support local artisans, cafes and farmers. I love discovering new healthy snacks. 

What’s one key health/wellness/beauty product or gadget that you could not travel without?
I could never leave home without my essential oils. I use essential oils for just about everything, especially while on the road, and always carry a mini travel kit with me. My top go to essentials are Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, DigestZen, Tea Tree, OnGuard and Oregano.  More info about essential oils

What do you do to keep your sense of balance while traveling?
I have quite a dedicated self-care routine while I travel but the most important thing for me is sleep and finding some quiet time in nature. Sleep is vital and I find that it is especially important while being on the road to recharge my batteries. 

What geographic destination in the world is at the top of your travel “bucket list” and why?
Africa!!! I also would love to visit Antarctica, Galapagos and Machu Pichu! Ever since I was little girl I dreamed of going on a safari to authentically experience animals in the wild. I look forward to discovering ecolodges that allow for more of a deeper connection with nature. We can learn so much from nature and gain much inspiration and wisdom that I hope to continue to share. My top destinations have been Costa Rica, Tofino, Brazil and Bali which all have a common theme of wildlife, nature, spirituality, culture, beautiful landscapes and the ocean.

What hotel/resort/retreat from your past travels would you recommend to wellness-seekers, and why?
I have visited hundreds of hotels, resorts and retreats around the world and without a doubt Costa Rica and Canada have some incredible healing and wellness options. I have so many gems I have discovered along my path, that I have created Wellness Travel Guides that feature them. One of my gems in Costa Rica is Cala Luna and I would love to tell you more about why.  You can explore some of these wellness destinations in a Wellness Travel Guide at  www.wellnesstravelconcierge.com.

Pay it forward: Who is one person in your industry that inspires you?
Gabrielle Bernstein has been an inspirational teacher for me and mentor throughout my journey. She is a New York Times Bestselling author, motivational speaker, spiritual leader, and podcast host. She teaches self-love and a holistic approach to spirituality. I aspire to continue to help others find healing, self love and their pure authentic soul essence during their wellness travels, on a retreat or through a personal holistic wellness experience. I also adore Jane Goodall for the work she does with animal conservation. I love being inspired and supporting women who are making a difference in this world.