Who to Know: Jackie Roby, CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting

Jackie Roby is an empowered Latina, wife, stepmom, friend, yogi, trauma survivor and lover of street art. Breaking the mould of traditional wellness, Roby is a makeup-loving, stiletto wearing, fan of all things glamorous.

Jackie RobyIn her professional life, Jackie is the Chief Excellence Officer (CEO) of Inspired Journey Consulting, a business dedicated to wellness, healing, and transformational travel. Jackie works as a sales solution strategist and brand ambassador bringing 19 years of travel industry sales experience. She hosts the podcast Through Inspired Eyes, is a contributing writer for Well-Being Travel, a motivational speaker, and is a Diversity Equity Inclusion advocate. Jackie will be speaking on the topic of DEI at the Wellness Tourism Association’s virtual event on September 29th 

What is your favourite place to just ‘BE” and why?
I feel most comfortable in a relaxation room at a spa. After that, a well designed hotel lobby with a library feel. Both spaces feel welcoming and allow me to unwind. I find design inspiring, too. It brings me joy to read a book in these beautiful, tranquil spaces.

What’s one thing you do to work wellness into your everyday life?
Meditation is a constant for me. I practice transcendental meditation twice a day and listen to a guided meditation to help me sleep.

What’s your best healthy snack?
When traveling for business, I always pack a Larabar to fight the hangry. At home, I keep it simple with cucumbers and hummus or a smoothie with berries, coconut water, ginger, and coconut milk. I make my own hummus and sample new varieties often.

What’s one key health/wellness/beauty product or gadget that you could not travel without?
I’m not product loyal (yet), but my skincare routine is important. I always bring my face wash, serum, lotion and eye cream. I love a good eye cream.

What do you do to keep your sense of balance while traveling?
My meditation practice does not waver on the road. Plus, I travel with my yoga mat and start each day with my practice.

What geographic destination in the world is at the top of your travel “bucket list” and why?
Africa is top of mind. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Marrakech, Kenya, and Botswana. I’ve recently been learning about the different wellness options available there.

What hotel/resort/retreat from your past travels would you recommend to wellness-seekers, and why?
Chable Yucatan is a space for transformation. Each casita is private, the grounds are expansive and easy to navigate, the original architecture carries incredible energy. I highly recommend a Temazcal with the resort’s shaman, Monica. This was the most impactful, emotional, and healing experience for me and my husband. Each treatment room at the spa overlooks the cenote. I could have spent hours in that room gazing at this natural beauty.  I can’t wait to return and spend more time in this unforgettable resort.

Pay it forward: Who is one person in your industry that inspires you?
Anne Biging, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World. It’s because of her and the amazing things HHW is doing in travel that I started my own business. I want to help amplify voices of the visionaries in wellness and healing travel.

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