Who to Know: Madeleine Marentette of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing

Madeleine Marentette is CEO of Canada’s multi-award winning Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, which she founded in 1994. Bestselling author, speaker, and metaphysician, Madeleine is a passionate visionary dedicated to the transformation and wellbeing of people, animals and planet. Her healing journey from illness to wellness became the very catalyst, philosophy and foundation for the manifestation of Grail Springs Retreat, today a thriving and beauty-filled sacred space to support the human-soul potential. Depending on Covid-19 rules and regulations in Ontario, Grail Springs is set to open on July 5th.

Madeleine Marentette

What is your favourite place to just ‘BE” and why?
I have a secret grove hidden in my forest here at home. Years ago I spotted an unusually placed patch of long, soft, green grass. It appeared one spring deep in the woods, surrounded by trees, and I suppose just enough light to let the green grass grow. It is where I go to lay down on the soft grass, to dream, plan, rest, restore and feel Mother Earth’s support underneath me. As the years have passed, the green grove has expanded with new growth – symbolic, interesting to witness this anomaly in of itself.

What’s one thing you do to work wellness into your everyday life?
Without a doubt I respect the essential health benefits of getting my ‘beauty sleep’. I make sure I keep a fairly regular routine and have a restful sleep of eight hours a night.

What’s your best healthy snack?
I keep a bowl of fresh raw almonds on my kitchen counter.

What’s one key health/wellness/beauty product or gadget that you could not travel without?
Grail Springs Monastere Spray. It is a spicy and delicious aromatherapy, effective against viruses. I take this product everywhere I go. I spray inside my mask, my hands, my car, hotel rooms. It’s inspired by an old formula from 1639, found at Canada’s first hospital turned hotel in Quebec City called Le Monastere des Augustines. Another favourite place to retreat to.

What do you do to keep your sense of balance while traveling?
Deep breathing is the most effective and immediate practice when I am feeling out of balance.

madeleine marentette

What geographic destination in the world is at the top of your travel “bucket list” and why?
I am ready to fly back to Iceland for the fifth time. It has become my home away from home. This special island offers such beauty and peace, and yet you feel the excitement of being on a great adventure. Reykjavik is the perfect home base, a euro-style city to explore and enjoy with a hip community of artists and a great food scene.

What hotel/resort/retreat from your past travels would you recommend to wellness-seekers, and why?
One of the most memorable experiences of my travels will always be the dolphin retreat in Bimini. We traveled on a catamaran each day, and swam with these incredible creatures. Although accommodations were rustic on this tiny island, it served us well. The vegetarian food was fresh and fabulous, there were healers who offered treatments during down time, and another highlight was gathering in the evenings and getting to know the guests from all over the world. We will be returning one day.

Pay it forward: Who is one person in your industry that inspires you?
I have two women in my industry that inspire me. Anne Dimon, co-founder of the Wellness Tourism Association, and Susie Ellis, co-founder of the Global Wellness Institute. Both of these women are powerhouses who have dedicated years of service to this industry, catapulting wellness tourism forward with research, global awareness, marketing, and collaboration. And the best is yet to come! I am in gratitude and deep admiration for their skills and relentless passion.

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