Who To Know: Eva Redpath, Wellness Leader, Co-Active® Life Coach

Eva Redpath is a Co-Active® Life Coach, an award-winning wellness leader, event host and keynote speaker. She is also a health and fitness expert with accolades including being selected as Equinox Signature Program Presenter, Founding Trainer Barry’s Canada and Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer. Often featured in the media for her coaching and fitness expertise, Eva is also a leading Canadian wellness ambassador for brands and companies in this space with high profile collaborations to engage and inspire others towards ultimate health.

Based in Toronto, Eva keeps a busy schedule working with her clients as a Co-Active® Life Coach.  When not with clients, you can find Eva keeping active outdoors, doing on-camera work with brands or expanding her social media presence with dynamic, engaging content.

What is your favourite place to just ‘BE” and why?

Definitely near an ocean.  Maybe it’s the Cancer in me, but I’m absolutely drawn to the water, the waves and the sense of peace and tranquillity I feel every time. From the beaches of Hainan Island to Hawaii, I’ve always made time throughout my travels to frequent the local beaches to hit ‘pause’ and take it all in. Whether first thing in the morning to watch the sunrise or enjoy an evening swim and meditation as the sun goes down, the ocean literally takes my breath – and my wandering thoughts – away. Water for me is like therapy: In its presence, I  feel relaxed and recharged, hopeful and completely grounded all because of its wonderful energy.

What’s one thing you do to work wellness into your everyday life?

Definitely time outdoors to connect with nature, move my body and get out from under the pile of emails or work follow-ups for a quality ‘time-out’! Of all the workouts I do and train my clients with, I have to say walking is my favorite.  If I want to make it cardio-focused, I’ll do some hills. If I want to make it more meditative, I’ll hit a local ravine such as the Beltline or Don Valley in Toronto. Movement and connecting with nature is a magical combination to reduce stress and increase energy levels. Not to mention free, and totally accessible!

What’s your best healthy snack?

My favorite snack right now is a decadent yet healthy chocolate bar called Mid-Day Squares.  Created by Montreal based entrepreneurs, Lezlie, her husband Nick, and brother Jake, these bars take chocolate to a whole better level.  Containing real food ingredients, they’re 100% raw and like a super-food-topia in every bite! My favorite is the Almond Crunch flavour, and enjoy it daily as you guessed it – a mid-day snack!

Eva Redpath wellness coach

What’s one key health/wellness/beauty product or gadget that you could not travel without?

Hard to choose just one! I’d have to say my Apple watch to track my activity, play my tunes and keep me moving. Followed closely by my supplements including probiotics, magnesium, vitamin C, b12 and digestive enzymes (just to name a few).  I’m also loving my Muse Meditation App, so this would have to come along for the road too.  Truth be told, I’m big into ‘stacking’ my fitness and wellness tools, as I know first-hand even the smallest healthy changes can make a big impact to how we perform and feel every day.

What do you do to keep your sense of balance while travelling?  

My routines and rituals are pretty important to me so I try to stick to them as much as possible when I travel. Incorporating movement as soon as I’ve reached my destination for example is key. I’ll do this by exploring the city with a fun walk, run, or hike as soon as I arrive, followed by some yoga or stretching.  Add proper hydration, a nutritious meal and getting to bed before 10pm, and I’m definitely on-track to keeping my sense of balance while I travel.

What geographic destination in the world is at the top of your travel “bucket list” and why?

The Maldives is a “bucket list” for me. Whenever I look at photos, I’m just blown away by this area’s clear emerald waters, beautiful beaches, and of course, luxurious overwater bungalows. It’s one of the most stunning island getaways in the world. And I’ve always wanted to go.

What hotel/resort/retreat from your past travels would you recommend to wellness-seekers, and why?

I’ve had the honour of travelling and teaching around the world. Years ago, I would host transformational retreats for small groups focusing on movement, nutrition, self-discovery and community. These retreats were so wonderful as they helped transform so many lives. If I had to choose one hotel or location it would be Mexico.  In this beautiful setting, I was able to create the most ideal of schedules to facilitate my group’s goals.  This included morning meditation and yoga on the beach followed with a high intensity bootcamp to challenge our bodies. Afternoon sessions would focus on self-discovery and coaching, closing the day with beautiful outdoor dinners, conversation and celebrations. The experiences I shared with the women who joined me I’ll remember for my lifetime.For my next destination, I’ve got a special spot in my heart for Kauai! The 4th largest and most luscious Hawaiian island.

Pay it forward: Who is one person in your industry that inspires you?

My friend Traci Copland who is a New York and Seattle-based trainer, yogi, runner and dancer.  Among her amazing achievements, she just led an incredibly inspiring four-week journey of wellness and community action, powered by Nike Los Angeles. Over the years, Traci has taught me many lessons – both on and off my yoga mat. Always inspiring me to aim high with my goals, while embracing balance in the body as the foundation to finding balance in your life.

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