Wellness Travel Advisor Specialist Kathryn Schutz

This is the first of a new series where we profile travel agents who we acknowledge as Wellness Travel Advisors Specialists. Allow us to introduce you to Kathryn Schutz

Where are you based and how long have you been a travel advisor?  

 I am based in Chicago and have been a travel advisor since 2018. I launched Kathryn Theodore Travel to meld by two passions – travel and wellness – into a profession. I believe that self-care on a regular basis is crucial and that a true wellness vacation can help. Even though everyone’s path to wellness is different, I have introduced my clients to the many different aspects of wellness travel which can include stress reduction, sleep therapy, physical activity of many types, spiritual connections, food education, and much more.

Why did you decide to specialize in wellness travel? 

Wellness travel is growing double digits – even before Covid – and more of my clients are looking for help to find the right fit. Plus, I love blending my two loves – travel and wellness. I want my clients to come home from traveling feeling renewed and reinvigorated. 

What challenges have you encountered selling wellness travel?  

The education of travelers, in general, about what wellness travel is has been one of the greatest challenges but once someone goes on a wellness trip, they totally get it! It’s difficult to describe the incredible feeling after a wellness trip. 

wellness travel advisor specialist Kathryn Schutz

In the above photo, Kathryn hikes in the U.K. Lakes District where she will be leading a group in September of 2024. For more info, contact Kathryn via kathryn@largaytravel.com

What’s your favorite wellness-focused supplier, and why? This could be a hotel, resort, retreat or tour operator.  

Rancho La Puerta, located in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico is my favorite. It’s one of the oldest wellness-focused properties. The daily classes, fitness, nutrition, and other wellness-type offerings are amazing. And the ambience is incredible – staying in casitas, the Mexican hospitality and wonderful scenery.

What is the most unique wellness activity/experience you’ve encountered over the years? 

I try to experience a different type of activity every time I travel. One of the most unique was Watsu aquatic therapy – a form of hydrotherapy in warm water combining stretching, massage, shiatsu and joint mobilization. Amazing!

What do you offer to your clients?  

My personal travel makes me more knowledgeable about what an area or property offers. This enables me to craft a bespoke itinerary for my clients.  

Check out Kathryn’s web site: www.kathryntheodoretravel.com